A hook-up or serious relationship on Singlesdatingcompany.com

A hook-up or serious relationship on Singlesdatingcompany.com

Body confidence issues affect both single men and women and we are more vulnerable when we’re naked in bed. Since low self-esteem is a cause of sexual dysfunction for both women and men daters, you are more likely to have a better time in bed if you make each other feel sexy and comfortable with your bodies.

No-one wants to hear about your prior sexual experiences while on a date, especially when things are getting sexy and intimate.

An intimate experience is not the time to be boasting about your skills and past sexual experiences.  Besides, everyone’s sexual tastes are different, so what worked with an old partner is not guaranteed to work with a new single dater. Everyone likes to feel that their experiences are intimate and unique and not an experience that has been rolled out to loads of daters before. If you are boasting about other sexy experiences this uniqueness is destroyed, even if it is a hook-up single date.

Use plenty of lube for comfort and mutual pleasure and incorporate foreplay into your time together. Don’t feel guilty about imagining someone else when you are having sex. Sexual enjoyment is comprised mostly in the mind and this can be a big turn on, as can imagining different scenarios

Having a fantasy playing in your head is a normal and quite effective way to perk up sex. Fantasy can be a helpful tool in improving arousal or spicing things up, and there’s no reason to feel ashamed of picturing a person that you find sexy and hot while you are having sex with a partner. Just don’t call out the wrong name when you are coming.  Don’t feel guilty, because improving your sex life can be an advantage to you both to have more fun in bed.

Leave your phone and technical items out of the bedroom so that you are not disturbed by the pings of messages that you are tempted to look at. Make each other a priority. Having sex with your partner or single date should be the most interesting thing on your mind.




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