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Our desire to connect and participate in deep relationships of all types is instinctual, so finding a lesbian date to love online is made easier with We have an innate drive to bond with others and form strong attachments. We crave security, belonging, nurturance, love, and connection and although our requirements change when we are forty plus and single , we never outgrow our need for healthy attachments. These relationships are essential to our mental health and well-being and even though the divorce rate is high the growth of online dating is of this need for close relationships.

Yet I often hear my single lesbian friends giving themselves a hard time for wanting a partner, as if something is wrong with them for having this desire.

What makes it so challenging to admit that you want love? Maybe it’s the vulnerability, expectations, and potential for disappointment and heartbreak  that come with it. If you are used to being single or are struggling with dating, it’s only natural that you would attempt to protect yourself from getting your hopes up again after so much heartbreak around love, however it is natural to want to love and to expect love in return.

Many lesbian singles who have been hurt might shut down or put their guard up. If admitting to yourself how badly you want a lesbian partner feels too vulnerable, you are probably going to try to push away this desire. Basically, to minimize the potential for hurt and ensure you don’t end up feeling let down, you may be denying yourself the chance of a wonderful lesbian partnership that will bring happiness to both of you.

This backing off can be completely conscious or intentional. Maybe your career feels more important or you feel that you will never find anyone great that you can relate to? Being scared that other lesbians won# a put all of your energy into your career, so you can tell yourself “I’m too busy to date or have a relationship.” Or maybe you are scared that other lesbians won’t like you?

This may cause you to run away from online lesbian dating and avoid it altogether. The ways you think and feel about dating can hugely impact the process of meeting other lesbian daters..

If you want love, you have to believe it is possible for you. This is the opposite of shutting down, making up excuses, or trying to lessen the pain of not having what you ultimately need and desire.

Connection and vulnerability go hand-in-hand. If you deny your desire for a romantic lesbian partnership, you are going to be closed, even if you do agree to go on dates. You may keep potential lesbian daters at a distance to avoid heartbreak. If you are clear about wanting a lesbian relationship, you will need to be open minded and not guarded and stand offish as this could mean that you are repelling a relationship or leaving little likelihood of attaining one. It’s essential to acknowledge any discomfort attached to your true desires while staying open to love and being honest with yourself about what you want.

You can start by reminding yourself that it’s natural to crave lesbian companionship and belonging. It’s okay to want love and there is absolutely nothing weak or abnormal about it. It’s okay to want a relationship, Your relationship status should not define you and you can have an amazing life with or without a partner. However, if you desire a lesbian relationship then being truly open and available for love means acknowledging it is important to you.

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