Are you the life and soul of the party? Senior

Are you the life and soul of the party? Senior

We have all met crossdresser who are the life and soul of the party so when you think about this we can all picture that person in our minds eye. The so-called life of the party exists in everyone’s social circle and when you are dating you are bound to come across at least one life and soul of a party. There are a few characteristics to look out for.

The life of the party: always looks fun, upbeat and happy; is gregarious and has social skills that could put a senator to shame; is extroverted and craves social interaction. When they have an audience they are immediately off and running !

They often appear to be both physically and emotionally appealing on the surface, sometimes below the surface they can be completely different. Meet social crossdressers on

Given these traits and behaviours, what’s it like to date or be in a relationship with one of these crossdressing life of the party?  There are major advantages and disadvantages to dating a crossdresser who is the life of the party..

Their social skills are beyond question and few daters can compete with them and even fewer would want to try as for people who are happy to be in the background it looks too exhausting. These crossdressing men and women are highly attuned to the personalities and emotional needs of others, and they thrive when interacting with large groups. That is not to say they are genuine in fact a lot of their behaviour is for affect to make themselves look good.

They are positive and hopeful, and they don’t dwell on anything negative. We could all use a little more optimism in our lives, right? Each of us has enough challenges or problems to deal with that a dose of positive energy can be extremely helpful in our daily lives. 

Sometimes  as a dater who is in a relationship with someone who is constantly seeking the limelight you may start to wish that you could just relax and be together as a couple. While dating  a crossdresser who is constantly on show and performing and has so many social gifts iit can be fun and exciting at times, it can also be a little exhausting. The life of the party, by definition, is always looking for the party in which to be wonderful in.

Yet  even the life of the party can’t keep up that kind of energy all day long. This means that social groups may get the best, most fun version of your social cross dressing date, while you see the quieter, more withdrawn side of your date behind closed doors. This can be difficult to take as it is almost a split personality and sometimes the forty plus dater can experience the worst side of the personality when the life of the party is tired and grumpy. This is not going to suit a dater who is jealous or insecure. To be in a relationship with a cross dressing life of the party you need to be  patient, independent and easy going. If you draw boundaries and make sure that you get the alone time you need with your crossdressing partner, you can potentially have a long-lasting, happy relationship with the life of the party.



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