Banter between crossdressing singles on

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Banter between crossdressing singles on   November  2019

There’s always the important question of what to say when speaking with a senior cross dresser on for the first time. Many cross dressing singles often begin by asking a few questions about their cross dressing kink and if you both share the same sense of humour and can share a laugh then  facts about their forty plus single lifestyle and how they love to dress up and the look that they like to achieve..

This is usually because forty plus singles who love to dress are looking to find some commonality and think that if their lifestyles match they will find each other attractive and similar. A good starting point is your online dating profiles.

This leaves the subsequent communication more likely to be more about emotions and the expections of cross dressing fun and similarities which is more attractive and interesting, rather than the basic facts about you.

To many forty plus cross dressing singles, fact-based conversation can be boring. They’ve had it a hundred times with a hundred other conversations. Being different makes you stand out and seem like an active and exciting single on

Try and start a conversation with banter and make it fun. If the conversation includes humour and is more interesting, relaxed, and not concerned about being too serious it is easier and more light hearted and memorable. Facts are not the main aim of dating, having fun is more important. It’s important to try out different approaches and ways to make conversation fun, for both crossdressing singles. You’ll be more likely to get the conversation started on the right foot so that your crossdressing date can’t wait to meet you.

Both single crossdressers are hopefully chilled out and they each take turns talking. Quality communication and banter always flows in both directions. If you become nervous you could start firing questions at your date and this can be intimidating so keep it light and try and be light hearted fun and natural.

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