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Banter between lesbian singles on  March 2019

There’s always the important question of what to say when communicating online with a senior single lesbian. makes meeting and communicating with lesbians that you have a lot in common with much easier.

Many singles often begin by asking a few facts about their lesbian dates lifestyle. Opening questions like; where are you from? What do you do? Then you possibly share similar lifestyle facts and likes and dislikes.

This is usually because fifty plus senior singles are looking to find some common ground and think that the facts of their lifestyle are attractive if they are similar. However it depends on how those facts are presented. A list of facts set out in a bland way can be boring and can intimidate other
single lesbian daters.

If you introduce banter and humour then it takes the edge of the list and allows the fun side of you to show through.

This leaves the subsequent communication more likely to be more about emotions which is more attractive and interesting, rather than the basic facts about you and your lesbian socialisation.

To many forty plus senior lesbian singles, fact-based conversation can be boring. They’ve had it a hundred times with other online communications. Being different makes you stand out and seem like an active and exciting lesbian date.

Try and start a conversation with banter and make it fun. If the conversation includes humour and is more interesting, relaxed, and not concerned about being too serious it is easier and more light hearted and memorable. Facts are not the main aim. Have fun online with possible lesbian companions.

Try out different approaches and ways to make conversation fun. This way you will be interesting and this is more likely to make the online dater interested enough to explore the facts and meaningful conversation later.

Both senior lesbians need to be chilled out enough to take turns talking. Quality communication and banter always flows in both directions. But now and then when you flirt with  a senior lesbian single you may get a little nervous and struggle to think of something to say. At this point don’t make the biggest error in communication, asking too many intense questions to keep the conversation flowing.

Being ‘interviewed’ doesn’t make life fun or bring laughter to your world. This could make the conversation become guarded and boring.

Feel comfortable during the conversation and adding something funny and a little laughter in between questions means that both singles can relax and the communication is more rewarding.

Just remember never ask the next question until you’ve added some thing a little light hearted.. Start interacting in a rhythm that’s natural, attractive, and helps the connection progress in a fun and yet meaningful way so that the lesbian date can be a fun adventure.

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