Be Aware Of Your Behaviour even on a hook up on SeniorShag.Com


Be Aware Of Your Behaviour even on a hook up on SeniorShag.Com

Words and actions are just as important when you are shagging as when you are building a long term relationship.

Don’t lead a hookup date on by pretending that you are building a relationship but at the same time you need to show respect and consideration as you are dealing with a daters feelings in a very intimate way and even though it is not a long term prospect the date needs to be enjoyable and leave both shaggers with a good feeling.

You don’t need to be boy friendly or girl friendly to treat a forty plus dater with respect and kindness.

Remind yourself occasionally that this forty plus dater is willing to have sex with no strings for a fun hook up and is therefore special even if they are not your soulmate.

The sex is just sex, even if it is amazing and exciting. Attachment is not part of the arrangement and both shaggers need to be clear about that. If those rules are broken it could end badly and be very unfair on both shag daters.

Casual shagging is not an excuse to be a dick or a bitch. Your shag deserves to feel respected and safe, and to have just as good a time as you.

Honour the discussed rules and don’t break any that have been discussed. Be respectful of the feelings of your hookup date and be considerate even if it is just a shag for both of you. Offer them coffee at the end of the date and say goodbye in a polite and respectful manner.

Be magnificent, but not an idiot.

Hookups are hedonistic and exciting and very lustful but remember to be safe rather than sorry. Health matters. Use a condom and ensure that there are no unwanted lasting effects of the shagging.

Even the best casual hook up will fade and sex can be unpredictable, that’s what makes it fun.

A hookup is transient. It will end and that’s the point of a hook up, there is no commitment. So enjoy it while it last and then move on and find another shagger online and start again.

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