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If you have been communicating online with a lesbian dater who has sparked your interest and feel that a first date is the next step but you are feeling anxious about how it will go and what to expect, then an important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy meeting another interesting person.  First dates are exciting, but can make even the most self confident single lesbian feel a little nervous but it is just about meeting to have a chat over a cup of coffee or a meal. It is not a life long commitment.

Your date starts as from the time you agree to meet as there has to be some planning and preparation that goes into dating. Choosing the locality is important. Somewhere easy to get to for both of you, possibly somewhere simple and familiar is always the best option.

Dressing to be stylish and comfortable for the occasion is important. All of these aspects increase your self confidence as you will feel more in control if things are familiar and comfortable and this allows you to relax.

Chose an outfit that you feel you look good in and that suits your body shape and personality. This will make you feel attractive and allow you to shine and relax. That way you’ll know how good you look and feel so much more confident. The same goes for personal grooming, a good hairstyle, and a nice perfume can make a huge difference. All of these things will stand you in good stead and will also show that you are taking the trouble to appear at your best for a first date with the single lesbian that you have found interesting online.

Your mind is a very powerful part of your confidence so imagine success on the first date. Imagine laughing and having a good time. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and feelings. Push the negative fearful thoughts aside and be positive and allow yourself to feel enchanting while you are online dating.

It’s not just you who’s feeling the first date pressure. It’s very likely that your date is also a bit worried about how it’ll go. They’ll be having the same thoughts, concerns and butterflies as you. The reality is that hardly anyone is totally confident. We all have our own insecurities and thoughts to deal with. Nobody is going to be completely themselves on a first lesbian date and it’ll take time to really get to know each other. Once you understand that a first date is just a conversation with a person, then the first date nerves become much easier to handle.

If you are not naturally confident, think of yourself as a self confident person. Hold your head up, listen more than speaking, ask interesting questions and listen to the answers with interest and make eye contact in a friendly relaxed manner. Pretend that you’re outgoing and in control and, chances are, your date will feel that you are engaging and self confident. Act confident and no-one will think anything different.

The secret to appearing self confident on a first date is just to try to relax and enjoy the companionship and the dating experience. If things don’t go entirely to plan, then at least you will have had an opportunity to get out of your normal routine and if you do decide to see each other again then you will naturally be more self-assured and comfortable on other dates.

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