Beware of scams stay safe on

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Beware of scams stay safe on

They say that pride comes before a fall.  As a single who has always prided herself in being aware of the latest scams and always putting the phone down when it comes to telephone calls about amazon and telephone surveys, i feel that I was almost scammed by something much closer to home. A request from a family member for help in paying a bill. It all seemed so logical at the time but now looking back I could kick myself. Fortunately my ban was more switched on than I was.

That is the problem with living alone and not having anyone that you can bounce things off and check yourself. will allow you to meet trusted like-minded singles that will be there as a sounding board.

The whole episode was very traumatic and has left me shaken and doubting myself. Fortunately my bank has systems in place to prevent this and I am very grateful to them.

Scammers play on your emotions and looking back and reliving the experience i realise that i should have stopped and thought about things more carefully but I was honesty lead to believe it was a family member that needed help. Scammers will try any trick in the book and some that haven’t even been written yet. How many television documentaries have I watched about scammers and thought `I will make a note of that !’ and then something new and pertinent to me happens and look what happens. pride before a fall is something to always keep in mind and if you haven’t got a trusted partner on then remember that age old saying Pride comes before a fall or even stop pause and think and don’t ignore that small voice in the back of your head saying something is not right here.

All great advice after the event but every day is a school day and i have learnt a lesson that has made me more aware and a lot less trusting

Meet singles in a safe way on for a trusted source.



fe way with and guard your peace of mind with a trusted source.

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