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As forty plus Bi daters it seems that we are happy that women are bisexual but we are not so accepting of Bi men. Many daters enjoy the fantasy seeing women having sex together but we are less encouraging when it comes to men having sex with other men. Well as 2020 rolls to a close we are told there is no naughtiness and I tend to agree there are bigger things to be concerned about. Even with counselling for mental health we are told that we need to solve our own problems and that will make us stronger single daters. can mean that you meet other bi-daters that you can share communication. This communication can allow space for you to express yourself and come up with solutions to loneliness and isolation.

I have been taking a course called Kintsugi Hope. Kintsugi is a form of Japanese artwork that repairs cracked pottery with gold so that the cracks become part of the beauty. A great lesson that our hurts and disappointments make us beautiful and who we are as an individual.

As single bi-daters go through their life they will have experience hurts but if we view those hurts as filled with gold we begin to realise how much we have grown and how beautiful we are. As bi-singles we have much love to give and offer other singles in a bi dating relationship. gives the opportunity for women who are in a heterosexual relationship an opportunity for play with other women. If you are wanting to explore the bi sexual experience and achieve your full kink then will provide that opportunity to meet Bi daters and start a bi communication during a lockdown which can be healing and provide support during a harsh pandemic that is leaving many people lonely and with mental health issues. Remember you are an individual and if you imagine your hurts and fears being gold that spreads itself through your life and your senses you may provide a different view of your life and your strength. Mental health can be a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic and social media does not help as we are all trying to fit into the new restrictions in 2020. A much more restrictive world that prevents travel and even meeting family and long-term friends.

Meet bi-singles online on for communication and spread your individual gold.

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