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There is a huge double standard in the swinging lifestyle when it comes to acceptance of bisexual males. With the increase of Bi Daters there is a endemic problem when it comes to male Bi daters.

As forty plus it seems that we are happy that women are bisexual but we are not so accepting of Bi men. Many swingers enjoy seeing women having sex together but we are less encouraging when it comes to men having sex with other men.

I am sorry to say that men bi-swingers are not as accepted or encouraged. Even in the vanilla world women on women sex is accepted and even fantasised about there has always been an unjustified prejudiced opinion about make on male action. So when there is a kinky sex involved it seems a shame that this prejudiced view point still exists.

Swinging gives the opportunity for women who are in a heterosexual relationship an opportunity for play with other women and most swinger men will enjoy watching this play and find it a great sexual turn on, so it seems a shame that swinger men cannot be afforded the same acceptance and opportunity to experience a Bi sexual experience. If you are wanting to explore the bi sexual experience and achieve your full kink then will provide that opportunity to meet Bi Swingers.

If you are looking at swinger play make it clear that you are seeking Bi male sex so that there is no misunderstanding that you are into the full kink experience, this will avoid the awkward experience and the sudden silence when it comes to the play time at the swingers meeting. Often there are clear rules that male Bi sexual are not welcome at parties, however when you are searching swingers online you have the opportunity to make that erotica known before you meet up. Men who enjoy playing with another man can find their kink online at swingers activities.

There are equal amounts of Bi men as there are Bi women and therefore full swinger activity should come as no surprise but when you are arranging your swinger kink it is a good idea to identify your desire before you agree to a playtime date.

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