Boundaries in dating and lesbian relationships are an important part of being in love

Lesbian couple

Boundaries in dating and lesbian relationships are an important part of being in love

Setting boundaries isn’t about being unreasonable or high maintenance, it’s  about showing others what you will and won’t put up with in a lesbian relationship and respecting yourself. It’s about self respect and communication and standing by your values, that are important to you. These boundaries allow you to spot red flags when you are dating on and step away from a relationship isn’t going to work for you and it enables you to  avoid any potential hurt and heartbreak down the road.

Boundaries help you figure out what you want, need and expect from a forty plus dating lesbian relationship on It’s not about being unreasonable  in your approach to dating. In fact, having boundaries makes the process so much more relaxing and enjoyable! It’s just about having an inner knowledge of your values and desires and the important things in your life.

It shows you respect yourself and your needs, which is a character that is attractive to prospective partners too. You’ll attract people who also have boundaries in place and are aligned with what you’re looking for.

If you go into dating or relationship boundary-blind, not knowing what you want, how you want to be treated, and what you will and won’t tolerate, it makes you far more vulnerable.

Boundaries are also important because they help you to spot signs that something or someone isn’t quite right earlier on in your lesbian relationship. When you’re being compromised you can recognise it, address it through communication, and move on if you need to.

Looking back to past  lesbian dating relationships, having a clearer idea of my boundaries would have saved me so much heartache. It has been a hard and a valuable lesson to learn.

Having no boundaries means that you could be heading for dating heartache, as  you might find that people take advantage, they don’t respect or value you, or they behave in ways that conflict with what you believe is right.

They may not do this intentionally; unless you show people what your boundaries are, they won’t understand your expectations.   This could lead to feeling insecure,  or like you’re not an equal part of the lesbian dating couple.

First, be clear about what your boundaries are, it is not about making a fuss. It is about respect and not allowing other people to walk over you.

Ultimately, boundaries work because when you know what yours are and you act on them,  You’ll feel able to choose dating partners more appropriately and not take things so personally if things don’t work out. They build resilience and make the whole dating process much more fun, enjoyable and enriching!


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