Breaking up before Christmas, find someone more suitable on

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Breaking up before Christmas, find someone more suitable on

While Christmas is fun for many couples, it can also mean that you get dumped before Christmas so that your dating partner doesn’t have to shell out for a Christmas present.

Yes it happens Bah Hum Bug and all that but you do get singles who are so mean that they will end a relationship to avoid either the Christmas festivities and the present buying .

We can only assume  that these daters are better off without these  partners as they are definitely not going to inspire festive joy. This tight fisted approach is called Scrooging but I feel that it shows that the dater is not even worth a second thought and you are experiencing a lucky escape. So find someone else on

So what sort of dater dumps someone to save themselves a few pounds at the festive season? Well, let’s assume that any dating relationship that succumbs to Scrooging probably wasn’t  worth the effort anyway and the pressure of Christmas can mean that the relationship draws to an end that is on the cards anyway. Couples in the early stage of seeing each other may question whether they’re willing to introduce each other to respective family and friends. While couples in long-term relationships can find themselves bickering over the turkey and unpopular family gatherings and these reason can lead to break-ups.

Buying presents can be stressful  so sometimes something simple like attractive house plants, best-selling novels or beautifully-scented candles. Other possibly expensive and stressful occasions that can lead to the early demise of fragile dating relationships are birthdays, holidays and Valentine’s Day. If you realise you don’t want to share these special times with a partner then maybe it’s time to reassess things. Especially if you’re in the market for a committed relationship and your current partner is not looking for commitment.

On the other hand if you are really committed and love your partner you may have been planning your gift giving for many months and be excited about spending Christmas together.

Lastly, if you happen to get Scrooged this Christmas, take heart, as you were not meant to be together anyway so breaking up with this unsuitable dater brings you that much closer to finding the right partner for you.

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