Casual hook-ups but still single and happy on

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Casual hook-ups but still single and happy on

Even two decades ago, being single was seen as a sign of loneliness and unhappiness and was considered an undesirable state to be in.

Wome in particular were continuously under pressure to find a new partner for fear there might be something wrong with them if the didn’t have a partner. Now it is not considered abnormal if you are single and in fact many forty plus people feel that they are very fortunate to have the freedom of being single. It was considered that if you were single you were lonely and deperate for sex and would accept any relationship to just be with a partner. How the times have changed. can ensure that you are never without a shag hook up if you are feeling horny but don’t want the drama and strings of a relationship.

The moral opinion of parents, friends, work colleagues and basically anyone who had been unconsciously indoctrinated with the perception that to live a complete life, everyone must couple up. Stop the judgemental attitude. Many forty plus singles are happily living single and enjoying a very active sex life without all the relationship details and boring commitment.

Have a shag and meet other shaggers online, it is so easy and very exciting, and the when you are satisfied you can get back to your hedonistic drama free lifestyle.

If you like being a playboy or a playgirl and happily single but still enjoy uncomplicated sex then join the shaggers for fun.

Prejudices are being challenged by forty plus peopleĀ  who are shaking off the shackles of relationships that don’t work out and they are enjoying the idea of being long term singles who have had enough of the relationship that are selfish and full of disappointment.

If you have a history of bad relationships and have drawn a line under finding the One and are happily single but still love sex then join the happy single shaggers for casual hookups, where no questions are asked and no answers are expected. Enjoy sexual excitement and being single when you are forty plus on

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