Fun with bondage on a senior date on

Whether you’re a senior woman or man you will be familiar with Fifty Shades of Grey even if you haven’t seen the film or read the book you will no…

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Handcuffs and the truth about BDSM

One of the feelings about BDSM is that it is abusive dating. Why would you subject yourself to pain for fun? Is BDSM just about kinky sex? and female submissives…

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Drag queen

Be honest about cross dressing and date openly on

Dresses, skirts, lingerie and shoes – where do you put all the shoes?! It doesn’t take long for a closet to fill up. The more cluttered it gets, the harder…

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Talking dirty and rough sex on

Many forty plus seniors are looking for casual kinky sex. They are nice people and they are kind and helpful, helping elderly people across the street and carrying heavy items…

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Make sure your dating profile is the true you on

If you are quiet and reserved then don’t be afraid to show this off as you’re more likely to attract someone who loves that about you when you are looking…

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Hands tied

Shades of kinky dating on

While there are clearly different levels of BDSM it is entirely up to you as a forty plus dater to find your excitement or comfort level when it comes to…

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