Control your mental anxiety by meeting other singles on

Control your mental anxiety by meeting other singles on 

Since the pandemic and the various lockdowns the mental anxiety rate has gone through the roof for many singles.

I have felt the anxiety rise and it seems to be worse in the morning when you are having to face another day. The uncertainty of the world and issues that we are all facing is making us seem edgy and anxious.

There may not even be a reason. Certainly in my case there is no immediate reason but still the feeling of anxiety can persist and be difficult to shake. Of course it is much easier to shake off if you have a trusted and reliable partner to chat to and you are not facing life on your own. so, I have created my dating profile on and d I am looking for a long term relationship rather than a casual fling, as the site offers both options.

It is always easier to deal with the feeling of anxiety if you have a companion to share things with. The feeling of living on the edge is some how lesser when there is two of you to talk about things.

Creating my dating profile on has enabled me to meet other single daters easily without the added pressure of going to a club or a speed dating session which i would find even more anxiety inducing. the easiest and safest way for me to meet  another like-minded single was online so I signed up for I am still meeting other singles and looking for my single but I feel confident that I will meet him and in the meantime I am having fun and socialising. I am getting out and about and the feeling of anxiety gets less and less every time I arrange a date and leave the house so it is helping with my mental anxiety.

it also gives me the opportunity to dress up and get my nails and hair done, which means that I get s boost of good vibes and feel good about myself. So, has many advantages and I am very glad I tried it.


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