Daters to avoid when online on


Daters to avoid when online on

When you start feeling uncomfortable at the way you are being treated in a forty plus dating  BDSM relationship then you need to take a step back and access the relationship and if it is a worthwhile one to your life.

If you are dealing with a boastful, selfish, needy, jealous, and grandiose BDSM dating partner you might find that you are happier out of the relationship and meeting a more compatible forty plus date who makes you feel special and loved in a BDSM experience rather than a dater who seems to bring you down and undermine your self confidence.

Aside from being somewhat draining and hard to like in any deep or meaningful sense, they can be harmful and destroy your self confidence. They are a nuisance rather than life affirming and an asset.

If you are feeling like this is your BDSM  dating experience then you may be dating a manipulative  narcissist personality and that is not what BDSM is about..

No two personalities are the same and some symptoms might appear more prominent than others according to the individual when you are BDSM dating. Those forty plus narcissistic BDSM  daters who are sadistic cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately; feeling or showing ill will or hatred to other people in their life.. A sadist BDSM dater gains enjoyment from the pain, suffering, and humiliation of others. They willingly inflict this suffering to gratify themselves and to control others. This may manifest as verbal, emotional, and even physical abuse. It may also show in the way they treat animals and their indifference toward violence in movies, TV shows, and on the news.

All narcissistic forty plus daters manipulate to some degree; it is their way of getting what they want.

But manipulation comes in different forms. There are those who are opportunists, who seek to capitalize on events or take advantage of anyone in a vulnerable state. If they sense that you are desperate for a relationship and feeling lonely and lack self confidence they will exploit that situation.

If you feel that you confidence is being eroded in a forty plus relationship, then take courage and get out and find a more empathetic partner online, as you will never change a narcissistic  dater as they are incapable of change. So change your circumstances and meet other forty plus daters  for BDSM fun where you have equal fun and control..


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