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Dating for forty plus swingers on

For those of you who are forty plus and like sexual encounters with different forty plus daters even though you are in a relationship then swingersdating is for you.

Perhaps it’s been a concept that you and your partner have been contemplating for awhile and you are both looking for new sexual excitement and experiences with different forty plus people.


The truth is that swingers dating does not appeal to everyone, however for those of us who enjoy the excitement of new sexual experiences and who do not believe that when you marry you need to be faithful for life it is an alternative to cheating and sneaking behind your partners back. Swinging is fun that can add spice and adventure to your marriage and it can be an adventure that you can enjoy together.

There is no ticking of the biological clock as you are meeting swingers who are a similar mindset and age as yourself and therefore no-one cares about your age. You are entering the fun experience for the sexual variety and for nothing else.

Swingers know what they want out of a swingers date they are looking for an adventure and new sexual feelings and they are not afraid to afraid to ask for it. Each party shows respect and consideration but gets sexual buzz with a new sex playmate. You can take the sexual experience and enjoyment back to your long term partner and they can share the feelings of their excitement with you.

Knowing yourself better and having self-confidence and being able to relate to others more skilfully gives you a big advantage. When you are a forty plus swinger you are more sexually confident and liberated than you were in your youth. You have won and you have lost in past relationships and you have the strength to deal with the act of casual sex and not get emotionally involved and you can just enjoy the feelings of sex for just what it is a physical feeling of thrilling experience.

You can handle life’s ups and downs with grace.  For those who enjoy sex with different partners swinging can be the answer.

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