Dating profile advice when you are looking at shag dating on senior

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Dating profile advice when you are looking at shag dating on

Many singles have become bored and isolated during the covid lock down and may even have gained weight as they have not been as active.

For singles who are looking for a casual shag date gaining weight can be a problem as it may mean that you have less self confidence in the way your body looks.

I usually consider myself to be quite active with plenty of walking, dancing and bike riding. Being active gives me confidence and ensures that my mental health is also kept healthy. All that ground to a halt as getting out and about during Covid has been more difficult.

I also like to spend a lot of time outside and in the last couple of years have started  hiking, so meeting someone who is also active and enjoys the outdoors is an ideal outcome on

I also enjoy having casual sex in the fresh air so a single date who like to get frisky while enjoying a hike . Being a senior dater I enjoy exciting sexual encounters and being in the fresh air gives me a thrilling environment in which to enjoy casual sexual hookups. is my ideal because I can sign up for casual shag dates and meet other outdoor shaggers for casual experiences. Meet a single daters with a sense of humor and who enjoys a bit of banter; that’s a really attractive quality and important aspect with casual dates as it breaks the tension and lightens the mood.  I’m confident and talkative most of the time I do still tend to be a little shy sometimes, especially with new people so someone who can carry a conversation  and can link up with a stranger easily is a must even if the main object of the date is a casual shag..

Someone who likes to try new things and likes to be active, and also takes an interest in what’s going on in the general outside world as you have to talk as well as shag, to have a good time. Another very important quality to me is honesty and being open about what they are thinking and feeling, and isn’t afraid to speak their mind.

I’m grateful for my health, so someone who is healthy and can go the distance if you know what I mean. If you are shagging then stopping to sort out cramps can be a real mood killer and frustrating.

On weekends I like to catch up with friends, at our local for a couple of drinks as I definitely prefer pubs to clubs  or to see a film or just chilling out. So meeting someone on  is a good option on the weekend and an exciting shag would go down well but not really interested in a long term companion as I have my life sorted apart from the shagging aspect.


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