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Dating profile pictures for

Having decided to join you are going to have to create you dating profile. Many people spend many hours agonising over how best to represent themselves and other add a few lines then just leave it alone.  ed for hours Personally I prefer the former as the profile with a few ill thought out lines would not only not hold my interest but it would make me question the intentions of the dater behind the profile. Are they serious or just lazy or are they hiding something ?

How best to describe your humour or hobbies in an online dating profile? Having said that,  nothing is more important than your dating picture on your dating profile on Unfortunately many daters will not even look at a profile without a picture and if it is not a good picture it is even less of an asset. Sad but true.

So it is puzzling why daters who spend time on creating a profile do not post a picture which is worthy of the effort. Drunken efforts and bad selfies taken in the bathroom mirror, it shouldn’t be that hard to take a decent picture or even get a good friend to do it for you! What is the problem ?

For all the selfie takers watch the chin, it is never the best feature .  Watch what your chin looks like in every angle  and work out the best position. Don’t raise the camera too high so that it is not pointing directly down your neckline lassies or at the bald patch for you blokes. Use various positions and heights but forehead-height, at a slight angle and the length of your arm from your face. Experiment until you get a look that shows you at your best.

Don’t do group shots…. just don’t. They are confusing as other daters will always be wondering which one is you and they might not like what they see as you will look like a drunken partier and they will not take you seriously.  If you want to prove you have mates and are not a loner there is other ways to do it

Check that the lighting is suitable,  so not bathroom lights, they are harsh. The ideal would be gentle bright light so perhaps outdoor is best so a good background while on holiday when you appear relaxed happy and enjoying yourself

You might feel that the fancy dress costume was a winner but leave it off your profile, it will look silly unless you were at the party  and you dressed as snow white or a witch is not the best impression to start off with. The same applies to exposing yourself  with few or no clothes on. If you are a man dater leave the pictures of you lying in bed with your chest exposed is a bit suggestive and can leave ladies on the site feeling the draught as they check out someone else. Leaving your body covered and looking good in your clothes is far more classy and much sexier.  Personally as a woman on the site I would rather get to know you better before seeing you with few clothes on.

Leave snap chat and the bunny ears and cat face for more personal albums, not suitable for a dating profile after all we are grown ups aren’t we.  Remember smile rather than pout, as daters will want to see your smile, rather than the glamour pout.

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