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Do daters avoid your dating type on

While forty plus dating  is about meeting people of different personality types and that is what makes it exciting and interesting, there are some personalities that just make men want to avoid.

Forty plus men love a flirt as their personality makes dating fun and it boosts their ego and makes the troublesome task of meeting a forty plus dater much easier and takes some of the nervous pressure off..

However there’s a big difference between an occasional flirt and a serial flirt who is addicted to flirting with every man they come across. The former will only mildly flirt  for a select few dates and usually when encouraged, while the latter is  undiscriminating and will giggle, touch and flick their hair at everyone: they meet. This can become hard work very quickly and their behaviour is simply attention-seeking and is usually a sign of major self-esteem problems. This look at me attitude is likely to become exhausting and annoying very quickly when you are on a singles date.

If you are a commitment seeker who is looking for marriage at all costs and tries to pin their single forty plus date down to a commitment far earlier than they are ready is overly needy.

It puts too much pressure on the relationship from the start. First dates with a new single should always be kept light and a woman who tries to push things too far too soon will only accelerate a relationship to its end. The same applies to a man who feels that the first date should end up in bed, unless they have made it clear right at the onset that both daters are only wanting hook up sex then pushing for intimacy before it is a natural happening is a real passion killer. Perhaps these daters  care more about fulfilling their plans than the person they involve – avoid.


The dater who clings to their date and adopts all their dates interests and expects to be part of their life 24/7 is too needy.. Neediness is more work than a relationship deserves, stifling any chance for fun. This kind of date robs their date of energy and leaves them feeling exhausted. This is the total opposite of the independent shagger date who just wants a hook up.


This shagger date is  wild, carefree and the looks like the life and soul of the dating experience and looks like the date who is having all the fun however would you want this partner as an ongoing partnership as life would be exhausting as there is no down time with this type of date.


The talker is the dater who never draws breath, sharing everything about their life  at the first date which is totally inappropriate and sometimes cringe worthy. The incessant talker doesn’t allow conversation it is all about them  This dater  needs to learn the value of contented silence and that the more you talk, the less you learn.

While nobody’s perfect and there are exceptions to every rule, these daters indicate a hard relationship ahead as they are focused on themselves and their needs so be warned!

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