Do narcissists over 50 change their ways to start settling down? Or do they remain shaggers?

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Do narcissists over 50 change their ways to start settling down?  Or do they remain shaggers? Dating on

Having been in a relationship with a senior narcissist I can say from experience that they do not change. Once a narcissist they will always be a one. They live to shag.

I am sorry if you find that disheartening but if you are dating online and you start dating a narcissistic personality be aware that they will never change, they can’t it is their personality and after all they don’t feel that they have the issue, it is always someone else that is to blame.

So if this is what you are hoping for, while you are dating online forget it. If you can’t beat them join them and enjoy the excitement of casual no strings shagging.

When a narcissist gets older they may seem to settle down in the sense that their affairs become less frequent and they will appear to be more faithful but that is because they are older and less appealing. They will still love the thrill of no string casual sex and senior shagging .

However they may start to feed their insatiable appetite for attention in other ways like porn or webcams. They will never stop trying and if they get a chance of a no strings hook up they will definitely take that chance. So if you are in that type of relationship then get your share of shagging excitement on a senior shagging site.

Your shagging partner will never change, they just get older. If anything, that makes them more bitter and can make them more hurtful and verbally aggressive, so don’t take i. Get your own shagging hook ups.

Their moto is never get old. They moan about it all the time, because fifty plus is when their past attitudes and nasty behaviour catches up with them. Their appeal is fading and all the people that they had in their life, who they were cruel and uncaring to have either left them or if they are still there they can’t stand them and realise what they are really like and they no longer have the power over them that they once had so they cannot be manipulated any more so they need to seek others to manipulate.

It is a sad end but once you have spent a life time being treated badly by a narcissistic personality you will have little sympathy and you may feel that their end is deserved.

There are many genuine lovely experiences to be enjoyed with other shaggers so you don’t need to be in a relationship that is selfish and hurtful, find happiness online with other shaggers, after all you deserve it, they are not the only ones who enjoy a good shag.

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