Do you fall in love too quickly online with

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Do you fall in love too quickly online with

We are all for falling in love but when you are meeting a forty plus dater for casual sex and shagging then falling in love is definitely off the agenda or at least it should be. Casual sex and shagging is just that and forming attachments and having thoughts of long-term love and relationships is not part of the agreement.

When you are shagging remind yourself that this a casual sexual encounter and don’t get in too  deep, as it can be a disaster and lead to heartache. After all the forty plus person you are shagging might be married and not have any desire to have a relationship so if you feel that you are developing feeling beyond lust then end it and don’t meet again. Move away and no explanation necessary as there is not supposed to be any commitments other than sex and the need to be respectful and kind and to perform great satisfying sex.

If you are feeling a spark turning into a flame with a shagger then run ……..

Love can be all-consuming causing you to daydream, smile to yourself and have an obsession about the forty plus person you are falling for, but if the agreement was for shags then you can’t have those feelings.

Some people fall in love repeatedly with people who aren’t interested in them or a relationship and may not even be available, and this has sad consequences.

Your heart and mind are open to love and you are in a state of sensitivity; your imagination is in overdrive and you have an abundance of heady chemicals like dopamine and pleasure-giving endorphins.

Someone who has these feelings can make a very strong attachment to someone with a minimal amount of encouragement, just a smile or a kind word is often enough to get their affection. This great and a lovely feeling but if you are not meant to have these feelings of attachment because all you are supposed to be doing is shagging then you will have to reign those feelings in and if you can’t then your heart is at risk of being broken.

Remember shagging does not mean commitment so if you fell that you are one of the forty plus daters who falls in love too easily then rather look for a dating site like Older Dating Online that will allow a longer term relationship to be possible.

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