Do you love the idea of dating more than the reality then is for you

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Do you love the idea of dating more than the reality then is for you

As forty plus daters we all want to be loved and appreciated. However if you have come to the conclusion that the idea of dating is better than the reality and you have been hurt more than once then you might have come to the decision that casual shagging is the way to go.

You might also be a forty plus dater who enjoys variety in your sexual encounters and being in a relationship with one person is just not for you.Then meeting other forty plus shaggers for casual sexual fun on is the way to go.

We look for forty plus relationships in which two people are entirely head over heels for each other. We idolize relationships that are shown in movies, the perfect fairy-tale. Sometimes it is just not to be and many people feel that the idea of dating is far better than the reality and they then choose a more casual no strings hook up is more fun without all the drama.

The idea of love and romance is not always easy to achieve and we fall for someone and then when we get to know them we are disappointed. The reality of a relationship is not always a bed of roses.

The mystery of the imagination and the excitement of meeting a sexy forty plus dater just for a shagging experience is hard to beat. The mere infatuation and attraction give you butterflies, and it is a massive turn on.

A no strings attraction is brief and it it is purely sexual and it is a physical attraction, which means that the emotions and drama of hurt feelings are not part of the plan. There is no rejection because it is is just a shag and then the forty plus daters go their separate ways. Easy and satisfying

Both daters are free and have just enjoyed each others body so there is no ties and no expectations other than just a sexual release. There is not need to bottle it or wank if you can meet other shaggers on

You don’t want to feel lonely, and you fancy some great sex but you don’t want to give up your freedom or be in a relationship. You also don’t want the drama of dating and trying to get to know a forty plus dater. It is just too much bother when all you want is a shag.

Meet other shaggers online so that you both get what you are looking for without trying to pretend that you are in it for the long haul.

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