Experience pleasure and adventure with different positions on singlesdatingcompany.com

Experience pleasure and adventure with different positions on singlesdatingcompany.com

When it comes to intimacy with your forty plus dating partner, bigger is not always better.  There is the expression `It is not the size it is how you use it ` that comes into play here!

There are certain sex positions that will leave your forty plus partner craving more whatever your penis size. There are many sex positions that give maximum pleasure. Find your sexy date on singlesdatingcompany.com

Begin with your forty plus partner on all fours with her knees at the edge of the bed, while you stand behind her with your feet hip width apart, hold her hips as you enter her. If she is able to keep her knees together she will feel tighter and this means that you will both get a closer experience as you thrust into her; giving her the ultimate G-spot stimulation, use plenty of lube and add another wave of pleasure by reaching over and gently stroking her clitoris, the sensation from your penis and your hand together makes for the perfect sexual experience.

Alternatively give your forty plus dater the power to take control for a wave of unstoppable pleasure. Start by lying on the bed flat as she mounts your penis. Once inside of her she can move up and down using her leg muscles to either build momentum or to move slowly and tease you at varying depths. Help maintain her balance by placing your hands on her waist as she finds a pace that works for you both. She can also play with her movements by grating back and forth or in circles and by either going deeper or just using just the tip of your penis.

This allows her to vary the speed and depth of penetration; it allows your penis position to stimulate her G-Spot. She will be in control of her own pleasure, while ensuring you a great view of her breasts that will be bouncing to her movements. This can ensure you and your forty plus date sensual pleasure you won’t forget.

If your penis is smaller or has its own kink then lying facing each other and your date raises her leg and you fitting in between her legs allows you to enter her .Once inside, slip your lower leg underneath her and hold her bent leg for additional support and penetration. This position is not only great for giving you and your partner the ultimate degree of eye contact, but it allows you to increase intimacy with unlimited body-to-body contact. Both of you moving in unison or even you thrusting into her brings your bodies closer together in a sexy intimate way.

For a new twist on the missionary position, start off with both of you in missionary style with her legs bent at a slight angle and feet on your hips. This shortens the vaginal canal giving you access to deeper penetration that the both, you and your forty plus date will enjoy. Use plenty of flavoured lube and refresh yourselves with flavoured water and strawberries and chocolate that you can swop while kissing and you will be in for a sexy time that makes sure that size is no hindrance to fun.



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