Fan base for Gentleman Jack empowering

Fan base for Gentleman Jack empowering 

I was very interested to see a documentary which highlights the television show Gentleman Jack. Many lesbians have gained empowerment for the lifestyle from the series Gentleman Jack. is a convenient way to meet like-minded lesbians for when you decide to come out.

I have always enjoyed the series and admired the courage shown by Gentleman Jack, the way that she strides through life is inspirational. It seems that i am not the only one and Gentleman Jack has a fan base and has been an encouragement to lesbians who have been scared to come out to family and friends. Watching the series and the courage that Gentleman Jack shows in her life has inspired a fan base in modern day times.

A case of if she has the courage in her day then I show have the courage in these times. Meeting other gay people on is made much easier when you are online as you can meet gay people who have similar interests to yourself in a convenient safe manner.

Gentleman Jack is played by Suranne Jones, who represents the brave Anne Lister. It is an inspirational series and a gripping story line.  Anne Lister faced the challenges of her sexuality in a time when women had very few rights and it was considered that they would get married to a man and have children, so to go against that norm was unthinkable.

Anne lister is hero to so many free thinking women and her courage and legacy lives on. A very intelligent and brave woman, who was far ahead of her time period.

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