From hook up to relationships on

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From hook up to relationships on

From single hook-ups to friends with benefits, no strings flings are now a common way of connecting and having sex if you don’t want or can’t be involved in a relationship.

However, there may come a time when you want your hook up friend to become more of a relationship . So make sure you know where you stand on

Does your fling suggests going somewhere public  or planning a date for and event that is taking place three months in the future. Are all your dates last minute hook ups ?

Discussing future plans reaffirms that you have a future and that your  relationship means more than casual sex. Whether it’s visiting your favourite band that you always wanted to see or taking a road trip to a nearby city,  planning to hang out in the future shows that you are thinking ahead and enjoy the idea of being around one another outside of the bedroom or your place or mine!

When was the last time you saw your fling? Was it for a middle of the day tryst or a midnight fumble? Now when was the last time you did anything casual and spent time together where it didn’t end up as a casual sex hook up?

Hanging out for the sake of being in each other’s company is one way to tell if your fling could potentially be the real thing rather than a bootie call when either one of you is feeling horny.

So suggest seeing your favourite film, or get to know your partner at your local cafe; whatever you decide, spending time outside of the bedroom is a great way of gauging their interest.

Getting to know another dater is another good sign that the relationship is not a one off no strings hook up..  Whether it’s suggesting watching a specific film because they know you love a certain actor, or maybe they remembered your favourite flavour of ice-cream and bought some; whatever it is, it’s all about noticing the little details. When these things become about another person, it shows that they have listened and taken those things to heart and want to please you outside of sex.

Meeting your flings friends shows that they are interested in introducing you to other aspects of their life that doesn’t revolve around casual sex.

Be sure to make a good impression as long term friends definitely talk!  If they are keen to meet up again then it would seem that you are a relationship possibility if not then chances are you are a passing phase.

Asking if you are in a relationship is definitely the quickest way to find out where exactly things are going and if there is a future or just casual hook ups in the future and being honest about your feelings at this stage could be the push your fling needs to taking your relationship to the next level. Make it clear you’re not forcing them into a relationship, but want to make sure that you two are on the same page.


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