Get excited with different positions on

Sex in a car

Get excited with different positions on 

Great sex is about mutual satisfaction and climax, making sure that both dogging daters are fully aroused and tantalised by pleasure, whether that is in a couple situation or in front of others. If you want to have better sex and dogging is your kink then trying different  sexual positions will surely make you come back for more and will also excite any voyeurism.

One of the best sex positions for female satisfaction, however as a dogging position this does require a blanket on the ground.

Men still love this because they take ultimate control. Get the female dogger to rest on her back with her hips and legs slightly raised while you get on top, placing your legs flat on the ground and holding yourself up on your arms.

Penetrate  with slow circular motions that follow a figure of eight pattern. This is a great slow-build position that really builds and intensifies  pleasure and for anyone watching it is a great show to watch and will ensure that the women gets lots of additional play at the end of it. .

A classic dogging position as this involves penetrating your dogging date from behind with you both on all fours or even bent over a car bonnet.

The deeper penetration really helps female doggers achieve a great orgasm but you can always look to enhance pleasure further with ribbed condoms or sex toys such as cock rings. Squeezing and playing with her breasts, kissing and nibbling her neck like a lion can also ramp things up a bit. You can find your lion dogger on

Let your female dogging date  get her pleasure on top. This allows her to control the thrusts and depth of penetration so you always hit the spot and you get to watch her tits bounce too.

For the cowgirl approach, your dogging date straddles facing forward you with her knees bent. The reverse cowgirl is the same except she faces your feet and this allows her to give another dogger head while she is riding you so you get to see her blowjob technique too.

For deeper penetration get your  dogger female to lie on her back with her ankles over your shoulders, this position can be done on a car bonnet if you are tall enough to take the pace with you standing and her legs hanging over the side of the car . You can also get her to arch her back slightly and have her legs on your shoulders as you thrust into her. This position gives you unrestricted access to her most intimate areas and also leaves your hands free to hold her body in place, caress her breasts or stimulate her clitoris.

Not all great sex positions are horizontal. Get your dogger  to crouch on all fours on a car seat but instead of mounting her in doggy style just stand behind her and guide her onto your penis by holding her hips. This allows for a quick change to another dogger after you have finished so take plenty of lube and make sure that the female dogger is ready and willing.

Make sure that all dogging paries are with mutual consent and all doggers are able to give consent and have plenty of condoms and lube available. Dogging can be stimulating and fun and an exciting way to achieve no strings sexual hook ups , so if dogging is your kink them find your doggers on

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