Getting your profile picture right when Cross Dressing Dating

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Getting your profile picture right when Cross Dressing Dating  on SeniorCrossDress.Com

Wondering how to choose the perfect profile picture for your cross dressing dating adventure?

You are a crossdresser and the excitement that this type of dressing is irristable and part of your personality and you want to portray this in your dating profile.

You have registered and created your profile and thought carefully about your likes, dislikes and desires. Your dating profile showcases what a great forty plus cross dresser you are and all you need now is a fabulous picture of yourself that will stir the hearts of other cross dressing daters.

Appearances definitely aren’t everything but they will be important to you because of who you are and the care that you take with your cross dressing clothes and style. This is why your online dating profile picture so important?

First impressions count, in real life and online and your crossdressing profile picture is your first introduction to a prospective cross dressing relationship or crossdressing hook up for playtime.

A profile picture is the first thing that you notice about a forty plus date. A great photo can attract someone instantly but a bad one can turn them off straight away. Yes it is a fast judgement but it prevents them getting to know more about you. You could be completely compatible with someone but you may never know because their picture can put you off meeting them !

Think about the kind of cross dressing date you are wanting to meet. Is their style important?  what do you find attractive and if you make your picture illustrate the type of person you are trying to attract then we are often attracted to people who are like ourselves. That is why sales people try relate their personalities to the person who they are selling too.

Any picture that is unclear or fuzzy should not be added as it will not be an advantage.

Selfies should also be avoided as it looks like you don’t have friends and they are not flattering as the angles are so often wrong. Avoid that unflattering mirror shot by asking a friend to take your picture.

You may think that showing off your figure in sexy underwear will win you lots of attention from other cross dressers but it might be a good idea to show your style in other ways and leave the underwear excitement for when you have agreed that you have a mutual spark.

Avoid using pictures that show you as appearing stern, aggressive, or unhappy. Why would you want to seem  miserable when you are looking for dating happiness with other cross dressers.

A smile is the most attractive quality in a date, on a date and in pictures, just make sure it’s a genuine smile and reaches your eyes too. This makes you look like someone that would be exciting to meet and spend time with. Pictures that show a cross dressing dater looking friendly and approachable tend to be the most successful. If you look open and engaging, other crossdressers  will want to meet you.

A good flattering picture can make a world of difference and a picture taken outdoors with a lovely natural background is usually best as it keeps the lighting natural. The background can also start a conversation online, however make sure that you are the focus of the picture so that other cross dressers can appreciate the style that you are trying to protray and that you are not a little figure standing in the distance.

Choose a picture that has been taken by a good friend who is willing to take a few pictures to choose from, with different poses while still looking natural and relaxed so you can come across happy and easy-going. Make sure that the picture is current to give other cross dressers an accurate impression of what you look like.

If you follow the advice above, you should be able to choose an online dating profile picture that shows you at yourcross dressing best. Remember, your picture is there to encourage your future date to get to know you better.

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