Give yourself a Mindset Makeover and attract genuine love into your life on

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Give yourself a mindset Makeover and attract genuine love into your life on

The forty plus lesbian dating scene may seem like a human buffet and because of this it can appear  grand, complex, and confusing. Even if the emotion of “love” doesn’t enter into it the experience can be stressfully exciting and that is before you add in the extra uncertainty of having to guess how your lesbian date feels about you, and  it is no wonder that many forty plus daters feel out of their depth, when online lesbian dating.

We think we know when we love a forty plus lesbian dater, however the tricky part can be finding out if they love us back. Some signs that we are not loved and appreciated are if  you are  performing grand gestures for your lesbian date to respond with a curt “Thanks”?

Do you constantly wonder what the other person is doing, whereas they are off living their life as if their time on Earth is one big party commercial? Then your love for them might be returned. If they keep dodging dates with you, when you make yourself available at the drop of a hat then it is fair to say that they are not as keen as you are!

How jealous do you get when you hear that your love interest has been to a movie with another lesbian `friend’ and yet they don’t seem to be bothered at all about you not being available for a date.

Do you see yourself as patiently waiting for your lesbian lover to experience a revelatory burst of  affection  for you? A sense of entitlement is not a sign of true love and it is not romantic either. If love is not there then doing stupid things to make it happen is not going to work, so move on wand find another relationship on

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