Giving good head even on a hook up date on

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Giving good head even on a hook up date on

If you are well into a blowjob you might need to take a break during the excitement  to avoid getting jaw ache and also to rehydrate your mouth, so keeping the tension going and keeping him eager and the passion flowing by kissing him, massaging him with your hands, or giving him a scintillating show by touching yourself in front of him for a few moments can give you a chance to maintain control while taking a breather This demonstrates that giving him oral is turning you on and reminds him that this is about your pleasure as well as his on a sex singles date.

Many single men find it intensely sexy to hear their lover making appreciative noises during oral sex plus, placing your lips against his penis and a moan from you sends gorgeous vibrations travelling through his cock. Try something really kinky and hold a small vibrator against your cheek while he’s inside your mouth.

As they approach climax, some guys can become over-excited, and thrust too vigorously into their partner’s mouth or instinctively grasp their partner’s head in a way that not all women find pleasant, if this happens, pull away and tell him to slow down and play nice so that you both enjoy the experience.

Keeping a regular rhythm with your mouth while giving a blow job helps build a man’s orgasm, but to avoid both of you getting bored by endlessly bobbing your head up and down, add some interest and variation perform eight shallow sucks, just taking the tip of his penis between your lips. Next, treat him to seven shallow sucks and one deeper one. After that, give him six shallow sucks and two deeper ones, and so on, until he is ready to orgasm. Then you can decide if you are ready for him to come inside you or you might like him to come on a preferred part of your body.

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