Having similar tastes on Singledatingcompany.com

Having similar tastes on singlesdatingcompany.com 

Having been in a relationship where our tastes in furniture and telly viewing were completely different and compromise was frowned upon was a stumbling block and a source of irritation.

He likes Question of sport and I enjoyed QI and bargain hunt so as you can see there was differences.

When daters are not prepared to compromise it can lead to irritation that leads to discontent and eventually a break-up. So making sure that your simple lifestyle choices match up before you start a relationship, unless you are prepared to develop a taste for your partners taste and are happy to forgo your watching pleasure. Either that or agree to have different tv’s and sit in different rooms when your favourite show comes on.

Singlesdatingcompany.com gives you the opportunity to discover each others hobbies and lifestyle tastes as these differences can really catch you out. If you are into long haul flights and exploring the world and your date’s idea of exploring is a trip down to Brighton for a few hours and a fish and chip lunch on the beach you could be in for a rocky relationship.

It is said that opposites attract but sometimes there has to be some kind of compromise and it can’t always be the same person making the compromise, teamwork is important so that a relationship can grow and mature and both parties feel valued and appreciated.

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