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How to find love on

There will always be an element of luck in finding a forty plus dater who is right for you. However there are a few ideas that can increase your chances of making the searching process a lot easier and more successful.

When you are looking for love and romance you need to make sure that it is actually what you are looking for. So make sure that long-term commitment is what we want as deciding you want love is, in some ways, a conscious decision. It means acknowledging that what you really want is something serious and real and being willing to accept all the challenges that might come with that. Relationships, when you are a forty plus bi, are great and they can be wonderful sources of happiness and stability. However they can also be hard work and they require perseverance and a willingness to adapt your lifestyle.

It’s worth thinking about whether you are prepared to make those changes before going out and looking for a senior Bi dater. That way; you can be honest about your expectations and hopes from the beginning. You may not be totally sure about what you want and expect and there’s nothing wrong with that, but at least attempting to be conscious of what you might want is better than going ahead with no consideration at all.

Unsurprisingly, you need to consider the kind of senior Bi that you want to start a relationship with. This is easier said than done: it can be difficult to know what kind of person we would get on with, long term. We tend to have more satisfying and longer lasting relationships with people that share your values. Values about work, leisure, money, religion, family, and humour, which can be a good indication of your values, as what we find funny often speaks about what we hold important. Having the same interests or sharing a physical attraction can make a real difference too

Don’t get too picky and specific about the kind of forty plus Bi dater you’re after. While having an idea of the kind of person who might be likely to make you happy is good, coming up with a list of attributes and ruling out anyone who doesn’t fit the list can mean you end up not giving other Bi Daters a fair chance.

Dating online means a lot of focus can be placed on trivial things like TV shows, reading the same books and of course on physical appearance. However if you keep an open mind you may that, getting to know someone you discover more about the Bi dater than you first realised.

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