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How to make a relationship last on

It can be frustrating and worrying when you feel that your lesbian relationships fall apart after a short time and they don’t seem to last the distance. You feel that you are always starting something new and then it falters after a few weeks or months. Of course it could be that it just takes time to meet someone who is right for you and that trial and error is always going to be part of the lesbian dating process. It could just be a case of being patient and carrying on until you meet a senior lesbian that you could really be happy with.

However, if you’re worried, you might like to think about your expectations and if they are too high. On the other hand, finding a partner is a big deal so why wouldn’t you choose carefully. So being discerning about potential lesbian partners is a good thing right? Past heartbreak can lead us to be overly cautious.

The truth is it’s unlikely any senior lesbian dater is going to be perfect. But there could be lots of senior lesbians who would make you happy, so perhaps patience and understanding is called for.

What are you looking for in a senior lesbian relationship? A new lesbian relationship should be something that will improve your life, but you will still be happy if you are not in a relationship as a relationship should not be the thing that fixes you. If you are looking for a relationship that will make you happy then you are expecting too much out of any relationship. A relationship should join your happiness.

Commitment issues can be caused by all sorts of things. Perhaps you were hurt in a previous lesbian relationship and are worried it’s going to happen again. One thing about entering into a relationship is that it does entail some degree of risk and you might get hurt, however the benefits of making this change can be just as large as the challenges.

Maybe you don’t actually want to be in a relationship, there is no obligation to be in one and perhaps you are happy being single.

Many senior lesbians have a fairly specific idea of the ‘type’ of person they like spending time with however being too specific can rule out a lot of senior lesbian daters who you might have very successful relationships with. If you are dating someone who is familiar it can be comfortable but it could lead to the same heartbreak that you have experienced in the past. Without completely compromising on the type of senior lesbian we fancy it could be an idea to be willing to date slightly different as you may find that you’re pleasantly surprised by how much you like someone you would have never gone for otherwise.





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