I watched the BBC documentary for pride week. Meet senior lesbians on seniorlesbians.com

Watched the BBC documentary for Pride week, meet senior lesbians on seniorlesbians.com

I watched the BBC documentary that celebrated Pride week and I found it enthralling. I wasn’t aware of the struggle that had taken place in Britain to gain recognition for the LGBT community.

The struggle that involved not only mental but physical abuse. We are so fortunate that we can now meet other lesbian daters at the click of a button on seniorlesbians.com 

Gay Pride week is celebrated across the UK as a sign of our freedom to love and be loved by genders of our own choosing. We do not have to be ashamed and hidden for making the choice to find love with a person of our own choosing.

Seniorlesbians.com means that we can meet other single lesbians who are likeminded and who are looking for loving relationships. The rainbow and bright colours are a symbol of the joy that Gay Pride brings to people who have embraced the freedom of an alternative lifestyle that they feel is their true identity. your sexual orientation has nothing to do with others, it is part of your identity as a person and being proud of who you are is self affirming and part of your own self respect. No-one should be forced to hide and Gay pride celebrations is part of the pride that the LGBT community feel at being set free to be themselves.

Meet other lesbian singles on seniorlesbians.com and break free to achieve you own happiness with a like-minded dater.

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