Ideas to help improve your online profile on


Ideas to help improve your online profile on

It is important to post a picture on your swingers online profile. Profiles with pictures get more attention and receive more interest and messages, so include one in your online profile. Choose the most current picture you have and smile. Bear in mind that some swingers are only interested in facial shot while others would like to see the full Monty. Try to keep it tasteful even if you are opting for a full on nude picture.

Please don’t just post a picture of your private pieces and nothing else. It is about a swingers relationship that is about a swingers relationship not a quick shag so please make sure your picture sparks all round interest and doesn’t make you look seedy and low class.

Put some thought and consideration into what you write as you may be looking for swingers sex but it is important to show that you also have a personality. No one wants a boring, unimaginative inconsiderate lover so put in a little effort that shows that it is not going to be all about you. A selfish lover is the last thing any swinger wants and it shows in the effort you take in your profile.

Being funny, witty and honest without giving away too much and looking desperate will put you in a good light. Bear in mind that swinging is about sex but it is also about dating in a group or a couple.

If you are contacted by a swinger that doesn’t spark your interest for whatever reason, be courteous and reply even if you say you’re looking for something else.Keep an open mind and try to see past the surface of a swingers profile, this opens you up to a lot more swingers and bigger and better swinging experiences. Be safe and responsible while you are having swinger fun.

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