Is he in love with you or are you just convenient on

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Is he in love with you or are you just convenient on

It’s the timeless question you’ve asked your best friends, what makes a man fall in love? What are the telltale signs he is falling for you? While early signs of a good forty plus companionship are sometimes difficult to define, luckily, a few are obvious enough to see.

Perhaps neither of you are interested in a committed relationship and you are both just interested in a sexual hook up and a good shagging

Ultimately what men and women want to feel connected, they want to feel attraction, and to experience passion. That can sometimes be a hookup shag that satisfies you both and neither of you are expecting to meet again.

If the man that you are dating treats you with respect it is a clear sign that he is interested in you other than just a quick shag.

You might never have to wonder how men fall in love if you feel respected by your forty plus shag date… It might seem like a no-brainer, but if your date values your opinions, compliments your character, celebrates your accomplishments, pays attention to details, and even accommodates your quirky habits, he’s invested in a respectful shagging date with you..

The emotional experience that your date has with you can be more powerful than the physical attractions even if you are just shagging and have no intention of building a relationship. In other words, what a man feels as a result of the sexual experiences he has with you are what can make him see you as more than just a convenient shag date.

This is one of the signs he feels more for you than just a shagging partner, since it illustrates he feels he can openly communicate and be himself fully when you’re together. If he feels that he is comfortable with you then the physical attraction will be even greater and the relationship  stronger, even when it is just casual sexual fun.

Does he send you passionate texts during the day? Does he comment that he feels like meeting up for another shag and that he has a hard on just thinking about your last time together.?  When you become a very present part of his day even when you’re apart, it’s one of the many signs he is thinking about you more than just as a one time shag and that he can’t get you out of his thoughts during the day .

When your shagger brings you small gifts and suggest that you meet for a drink or a meal before your sexy shag date then he enjoys spending time with you outside of the sheets then he is interested in you as a person and not just as a shagger.

It is a sign that he cares and wants to be part of your life not just in your bed


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