Is swinging sex cheating on SeniorSwingersClub.Com


Is swinging sex cheating on SeniorSwingersClub.Com

If  both you and your forty plus partner want to try the swinging lifestyle and are comfortable doing so, how can it be cheating? Only you and your partner can define the rules of your sexual relationship! It’s crucial that you’re both in agreement at trying to explore swinging dates. To avoid problems and  resentment you both need to agree to the idea of swinging and neither of you should feel that you are under undue pressure to try swinging.

Generally, swinging is about sex and not romance. You might have an ongoing swinging arrangement with a couple, or alternatively you could agree to only stick to one night hook-ups. Swinging is about hedonistic sex and love and commitment is not part of the playtime. Many swingers find that they love their spouses more because they’re able to explore something new together, and it helps them sexually and to feel satisfied.

Even if you’re excited about getting into the swinging lifestyle, you might find yourself uncomfortable or jealous, so you need to have realistic expectations to the swinger hookups. You might need to agree to try it out and then have a re-discussion period with your partner to confirm that you are both happy and committed to the swingers idea.

The lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone, but many people enjoy the kinky adventure of swinging and feel that it enriches their sex

Developing some rules will help your swinging experience be successful. You can agree that setting rules to work for you and your partner in your swinging lifestyle.

Many swingers are married tend to be forty plus, but you’ll find swingers who are much younger and looking for sexual adventure and variety. Swingers might be professionals and well educated and many swingers would also be keen to dress in sex underwear and that is not only the women!.

They’re often straight, white couples, but some gay couples get into swinging as well. The swinging lifestyle is prevalent and swingers come from all walks of life and religion, so you might find that you have swinging neighbours or swingers who wk alongside you.

It’s easier to break into the swinging lifestyle if you are a couple although sometimes it is easier for single women. However single men might find that swinger play is not easy to break into.

Creating a profile online makes it much easier to get into the lifestyle and find other swingers, Online dating sites like SeniorSwingersClub.Com  dedicated especially to the swinging lifestyle.

There is a swingers’ etiquette, and to fit in it would be a good idea to fit in and be welcomed into the swingers lifestyle.

Each couple makes their own rules, for example you may prefer to abstain from kissing. Some swingers only partake in oral or soft swinging and communication is essential to respecting boundaries.

Discretion is essential. Furthermore, photography is banned in an effort to protect the privacy of swinger couples..

Contraception and birth control is vital as is health so wearing a condom is important and often insisted upon.  Frequent STD testing is a smart move, even if you use protection.

You can use dental dams when performing oral sex to reduce the risk of STD transmission. Swingers generally trim and shape or shave their pubic hair and many swingers ensure that it is shaped into attractive enticing styles. Enjoy the swinging excitement that could enhance you kinky side.

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