Is the sex right in your relationship, try

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Is the sex right in your relationship, try

Despite being surrounded by popular notions about swingers sex, it can be difficult to decipher healthy sexuality from dysfunction and differentiate between appropriate swingers sexual behaviors and unrealistic expectations that can tarnish your expectations of swingers dating..

Sexuality is much more than the act of sex it is an emotional bonding experience for couples and leads to a multitude of psychological, mental, physical, and marital benefits, many mature swingers belong to a tight knit group that bonds and looks out for each other.

Sex has been linked to immune system boosts, happier moods, decreased depression, and lower levels of stress, as well as pain relief  Couples who maintain a sexual relationship inside of their swingers enjoyment also benefit from increased intimacy within their private partnership.

Many forty plus daters wonder about sexual health. They wonder what is normal and how their sex lives compare to others outside of their relationship. Anxiety, shame, tension, and secrecy, can easily inhibit sexual desire in forty plus dating relationships and create sexual dysfunction. Sex becomes unhealthy when there is high anxiety and heightened avoidance, embarrassment, and frustration. Guilt and blame also interfere with sexual satisfaction in forty plus dating relationships.

Unrealistic expectations can be a cause of sexual tension for example, many forty plus men struggle with performance anxiety and pressure because they believe that they should be instantly ready for sex.  This is a huge misconception, which results in men questioning their manhood and women expecting their forty plus partners to be ready for sex at all times.

So what is  healthy sex in a forty plus swingers dating experience?

Sex is described as much more than the act itself, and involves physical touch, affection, intimacy, playfulness, desire, and pleasure. While many forty plus daters define sex as intercourse only, this ultimately creates a barrier to other satisfying sexual experiences such as foreplay, hugging and caressing and causes some forty plus daters to just have the sexual act and nothing else.


Both forty plus partners need to be are willing to initiate sexual experiences and feel desired and if swinging is part of the relationship arrangement then both partners have to be in agreement.

Although it is unrealistic to assume that both forty plus partners will achieve an orgasm in each sexual experience, sex is generally viewed as a positive experience and is mutually desired and that the passion for sex is a mutual desire.

While sex might not be desired on a daily basis, it is not avoided and is well integrated into the relationship in spontaneous and satisfying ways and that the swingers dating experience is mutually enjoyable and agreed.

Ideally desires and fantasies are explored and discussed. There is no judgment about specific needs and preferences and each partner feels validated, in the forty plus swingers relationship.

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