Is your relationship about love or just sex online

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Is your relationship about love or just sex online

You meet a single dater online, and one look is all it takes to light the fuse of sexual fireworks. You can barely keep your hands off each other and the excitement of it all feels like falling passionately in love. Can you trust this feeling.?

Can simple sexual lust masquerade as true love? Is it possible to spot the absence of real romance soon enough to avoid making and emotional mistake and being on the road to heartbreak?

It’s easy to feel that an instant chemistry of physical attraction is the start of  long-term romantic potential relationship. However if you take time and step back to willing and honestly assess your actions and feelings, it’s also not hard to recognize the truth.

What was the first thing about your single daterr to catch your attention? Was it their  humour, or their kindness that you observed? However if that’s not accompanied by a deeper reason for attraction and attachment , you may be headed for disappointment.

When you’ve just started dating someone new, there may come a moment when it’s clear that your date expects sex as the next step and that their interest may wane if you don’t agree to a sexual attachment. Saying yes can be an easy way to avoid a breakup that you don’t want, but you will always be left with the feeling that they are just wanting sex and that you are lovers but not really friends as a relationship always changes after sex.

The sex is really good, maybe even great, but what else do you have in common?

Do you go out together to public places where the idea is to have fun or get to know each other better? Or are your dates sexual hook ups and after  sex do you part company or do you spend time on dates that don’t either start or end with sex?

Lust alone is often all it takes to draw single lovers together.  If the sex is good but the rest of the communication and relationship is non-existent and your  own intuition about the relationship’s true potential is that it is empty after sex, rather than fulfilled, then it is just about the sex and it is not love but just lust.

Do you suspect that family and friends will see the truth you are trying hard to deny? If you’re tempted to keep the relationship a “secret,” chances are it has little lasting potential.

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