Keeping it brief and aiming high when online dating on

Keeping it brief and aiming high when online dating on

Do you contact swingers who are out of your league when you are online dating swingers? Is there a league and should there be a league?

Men have greater success when they approach women they believe are more desirable and better looking than themselves. Is this because women are more accepting and men are more critical, when it comes to accepting the physical looks of a dater?

Internet dating has become the dominant form for those seeking swinger’s dates and hook ups. Find your swingers group on

Online dating has given rise to a whole new dating terminology and language. For instance slow fade means the slow and non-committed end to the online relationship.

Ghosting means the sudden end to direct contact for no known reason.

Kittenfishing is the borderline dishonesty on an online dating profile, for instance posting pictures that are several years out of date but are not so old that they are ridiculously unrecognisable.

Firedooring is the art of contacting another dater and then not following up with messages that continue the contact.

Breadcrumbing is the way that another swinger dater will make comments and messages to engage you and keep you interested and expectant but will not commit beyond that point, so they are basically wasting your time and are a waste of effort because they are just keeping you hanging online with no intention of actually meeting.

It is believed that both men and women swingers contact potential swinger couples who are more desirable than themselves.

This is an indication of your “desirability”, as it is not just about the number of messages that you receive, but the quality and desirability of who you are receiving the messages from.

Some swinger daters send lots of messages as sometimes it is a numbers game and perseverance can pay off when it comes to online swingers dates. Aim high as messaging out of your league can be a way of scoring the best prize. Keep messages brief but friendly and be patient. It can be dispiriting if you don’t get responses and messages however keep a positive attitude as the right message will come at the right time and will mean that you fit into the swingers group and they will be your sort of swingers kink.

Fitting into the swingers group is vital and worth the wait and the patience that it has taken to get there. Enjoy swingers kink on

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