Learning from a senior relationship breakup on Seniorlesbians.com

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Learning from a senior relationship breakup on Seniorlesbians.com

There’s an endless stream of love songs available and the popularity of Ed Sheeran is testimony to the love that people have for love and romance. If you love songs then Lovesongs247 online means that you can listen online 24/7. Does love give you a feeling of well being  ? Are you bursting with happiness and does love make you act in a different way, forgetting life’s reality and put a spring in your step? Or are you jaded and feel that love has passed you by.

Because love stimulates feel good chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin in the brain of daters, literally making you happy and making you feel that you are happy and contented.. So if you are seeking a senior lesbian date to enable you to feel that emotional high. It can be very easy to crave that high all the time and that feeling of love and being loved can be addictive. The comfort and security that come with being in a a long-term relationship is important. The lifestyle requirement for many seniors and lesbian dating seniors it can be a wonderful experience to meet a like-minded companion online .It turns out being addicted to love is an actual thing.

We have to realise that we need that taking time to ensure that we as daters we are emotionally stable and able to process a new lesbian relationship and realise what went wrong to cause a previous break-up.

You need to give yourself time to process how you feel about yourself and what you need in a new lesbian relationship before we enter into a new long term commitment..

We all have character traits that may be undesirable and it’s important for long-term, sustainable happiness to be aware of them. It is important to acknowledging all the ways you have grown as a lesbian date and that your priorities and goals have evolved and changed over the years and when you are forty plus your requirements and ideals may have changed radically. Not realising what you want and need from a lesbian partner can be a source of deep dissatisfaction that undermines a healthy senior lesbian relationship.

If you’re not aware of how you yourself are contributing to your own unhappiness or frustration, you’ll end up blaming it all on your previous lesbian partner and this could cause another break-up of yet another lesbian partnership.

If you are in love with love rather than the date you are seeing.  This is of course deeply unfair to the lesbian partner you’re involved with, since you are with them to be in love, rather than to be involved. Essentially, that makes them interchangeable and easily replaceable. When you’re committed to not being single, it’s easy to gloss over the incompatibilities of your lesbian relationship .  We are all unique but if compromise is a big part of the relationship that you are in and you both have different goals and expectations in your relationship and lesbian lifesyle, then this could cause unhappiness and a break-up or you could loose your own identity in the relationship.


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