Love and romance with a Bi partner on

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Love and romance with a Bi partner on

Once you have found romance and bi love on then making sure that they feel loved will pay dividends in your bi-relationship. There could be some competition between bi daters if your partner is in another relationship besides yours so making sure that your partner is loved up is a good way of maintaining their attention.

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When it comes to love, it’s all in the smaller details such as your tone of voice, or a stray hug and an  admiring look, a thoughtful action or a genuine compliment can out do an expensive present. It is the little thoughtful endearing things that really matter in a loving relationship. Make sure that your partner gets the attention that they deserve as this is a very powerful way to express your love and devotion. A timely loving hug can mean the world to someone after a hard day at work.

Admit that you are wrong when you are wrong and don’t make out that it is all your bi-partners fault. Choose your words with kindness in mind and be positive in your relationship, do not try and control your partner with threats and negative comments. Jealousy can turn any relationship into a nightmare.


Ask your bi-partner what really makes them feel special and loved as we are all different so don’t

assume it’s the same kinds of acts or words that make you feel loved. Find out for sure what your date enjoys and strengthen your bi-relationship by making sure that they feel loved by giving them lots of what they enjoy. Take the time to discover your partners love language.

Do those little things that you know your partner appreciates and makes their life easier as this will show you care about them on a daily basis rather than just the odd bunch of flowers bought in the supermarket.


If your Bi-partner likes surprises then give them little exciting surprises, like arranging a trip to see a movie that they have spoken about or but them a a coffee and a piece of cake on a trip out to the shops.

Give them a compliment in front of others, and you’ll earn bonus points. Never ever find fault with them in front of others. Sort out any differences in private in a mature way when you are calm and on your own . Always support your partner in front of others as this shows that you care and have their back .


If someone criticizes them,  stand up for them forcefully. If someone disrespects your partner, show your respect by voicing your absolute support.


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