Make your online profile hard to resist

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Make your profile hard to resist

Well, to cut a long story short, I’d come through a divorce and felt that I wanted some fun rather than looking for another committed relationship. So I went online and looking for casual sex saw which suits me just fine for forty plus casual sex with no strings but not wanting to start approaching other forty plus daters in a pub or at friends party.

But I knew that unless I had a clear idea of what I wanted for a shag I was going to spend ages looking at dating profiles and then trying to choose who to contact. It can be very time consuming and confusing.

What did I want in a date, even if it was just a shag and not a long-term relationship I still wanted to meet a forty plus dater that I could get on with even if it was just for a few hours and hopefully a nice bottle of wine!!

What was important to me for a lusty sexual date, a place to change and shower, at least afterwards, someone who was decent and considerate and prepared to play nice and enjoyed a decent amount of foreplay.

Creating my shagging online profile was just as important as their profile. What were they likely be looking for and which picture to choose and how much to reveal? Perhaps some sexy underwear and stocking would do the trick and attract some attention.

A good user name to catch attention and spark some interest.

Tell forty plus daters what you are offering and what you expect in return. Make sure you mention that no condoms no come on applies if you are expecting safety and it is always best to insist on this. Make sure that the shag date is for anyone who is ready to get creative and challenge themselves to have a good romp and great sexy fun and that you don’t expect an all nighter (unless you are!) but it is not a selfish 5 minutes either.

If you have privacy issues and time constraints then make sure that these are adhered to and then don’t use your real name and be very careful about persona details that you reveal.

It’s important to say that it’s not for everyone! It’s definitely not for anyone who wants a long term relationship but there are many forty plus daters who are either not interested or not ready for partnership commitment. It is more about a quick fix to that desire and urge that keeps you awake at night.

In the World xx

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