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Meet a shag date on

There comes a time when you do not want a relationship, you just want to meet up for a great exhausting sexy shag, with no strings attached. You can meet shag daters on No strings just a shag.

Even women just want a shag now and then, without having to make the effort of a relationship and trying to pretend that you want more or you look like a slut, just a shag and goodbye is what you need right now, so get what you want on

Why should men always do the chasing and women sit back and wait or they look like they are slutty or too forward?

On seniorshag there is no misconceptions and no pretending to be shy or innocent. You are there for a shag and that is all, so no pretence and no need to play games either. Just meet up and shag.
When two people meet on an online dating site, they can communicate what they are looking for on their profile if your date hasn’t read your profile then more fool them, I say.


If you are proactive on an online dating site you are likely to have phone conversations with numerous daters and it is up to you how fast or how slow the dating game progresses. Personally, if I want a shag, I will make it known, but don’t presume anything. Read the signs and make sure you have got the signals correct. I have been on a few dates with singles and after three dates they presume you are ready to jump in the sack to start doing the jiggy jiggy, well that has been read all wrong and because of that it has ended all further dates. However, if you are on them the name of the site says it all really. You are looking for a shag and no strings when your profile is on




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