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Meeting for a casual drink on

Dates are pressurised  enough without your clothing choice making you uncomfortable. It is pointless being uncomfortable the whole night in jeans that are too tight and trying to walk in heels that are too high and make your feet ache.

If you are comfortable in jeans and heels and they give you a confidence boost then all well and good but the idea is not to  compromise on comfort. Wear clothes that you enjoy, feel comfortable in and know that you look good in as this will mean that you have confidence, can relax and enjoy yourself with worrying about how you are going to sit down and walk to the nearby restaurant.

You might just be meeting for a casual drinks date but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to look your best and create a good first impression .  Wear clothes that are of good quality and more importantly clean and fresh smelling.

Don’t forget about your shoes. Shoes that look worn out and dirty are a big turn off. If you wear trainers make sure they look good clean and are new.

Taking time to choose an outfit that is a little more dressed up than usual shows your date that you care about making an  impression. It is always better to look over dressed and smart as it shows that you have made an effort to impress.

No date night outfit will look good if it’s teamed with greasy hair and a faint whiff of body odour. So make sure you take a shower or bath before a date.

It may sound obvious but having a high standard of personal hygiene will ensure you make a good impression on your single date and it may mean the difference between a casual date being the only one or turning into a second date.

A smart clean fresh T-shirt and jeans is an enduring outfit choice for casual drinks dates and it’s quite an acceptable and versatile outfit. You can dress it up easily; with boots or heels and add an accessory like a  necklace, statement belt or jacket. Just make sure the jeans and tee that you pick are well-cut and fit properly to flatter your figure.

Whether you do opt for a T-shirt and jeans or something more formal, make sure your outfit looks its best. Freshly ironed clothes that are not covered in fluff look more polished, and make sure your shoes are clean and polished.

Don’t be afraid to express your personality through your clothing choices. As this will give an insight into your personality and make you more confident. Be true to yourself and express your own personality and style. That way  you’re more likely to attract someone that’s truly right for you.



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