Meeting for coffee or a drunken date on

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Meeting for coffee or a drunken date on

One in four British singles admit they rely on drinking for dating confidence. But, with many Brits embracing a drier lifestyle. Drier dating is becoming more popular. Many forty plus daters are saying no to the hangovers and geared up for some sober dating?

A time for reevaluating life choices and making the inevitable life choices like appreciating that you are lesbian and that you are happier now than you have ever been in previous relationships. You might opt for joining the gym or choose a healthier diet as well as making choices about your sexuality.

Our research suggests that many lesbian singles have kissed someone because they have been drunk and that they would not normally have kissed that date or even continued the date past the first hour if they hadn’t been drinking. We have even been mortified the next morning after waking up in the bed of a date that should never have happened in the first place, just because we have been drinking far too much. Prevent the walk of shame by remaining sober.

Most of us feel good when we can drink on a lesbian date at least to start with as it gives us a little courage and helps us relax. We’re more energised and vivacious, when we have had a drink and we could be lead to believe that a drink  is enhancing our more captivating personality traits on a lesbian date.

It can also turn us into drama queens and crashing bores on a date. The real you is sober you on a senior lesbian date so be proud of that person and don’t drown her with alcohol.

Drinking is expensive, so giving it up will save you money when you are lesbian dating. Having too many drinks can make you loose track of how many rounds you are paying for. There is also less risk of loosing your wallet, keys, bag, coat and more importantly your dignity. All booze really does is remove inhibitions and temporarily mask anxiety.

Alcohol is also a known depressant and, consumed in large quantities, can cause anxiety and panic attacks.  Shared values in a relationship are important as they’re more likely to get each other’s humour and accept each other’s views on everything, whereas, lesbian daters who met in a bar, got smashed and randomly woke up to find themselves in a new relationship are probably less likely to last as they barely know each other and have no ideas about their mutual compatibility once the chemistry wears off.


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