Meeting in the middle when dating on

Lesbian couple

Meeting in the middle when dating on 

When you have a profile on an online dating site like what are the things that are important to you? Is it the type of music that you are both into, personally Pink is a must and her latest concert at Wembley was amazing, or is it important to have the same views on animal welfare and climate change or is it more political like what happens with Brexit?

So if things like the possibility of the moon landings being  faked and the gender pay gap are important then your list of compatable requirements are going to be more important than if you both enjoy Love Island.

You don’t both have to vote the same way. However if you are reading each political party manifesto and your lesbian dating partner is more interested in the likes on her latest picture on social media, you might question why the hell you’re even together.

If you are massive drinker who goes out every weekend and gets absolutely smashed, loses your mobile and your left shoe, and needs to be dropped off by the police and your lesbian partner sits at home wondering where the hell you are then I can’t see the lesbian relationship working.

I am afraid there is no middle ground if your lesbian partner is ready for sex 24/7 and you are happy with a shag once a week. If your sex drives are on the two extremes then it is a hard to meet in the middle and if one of you is forced to  masturbate in secret it will be the beginning of the end of your lesbian partnership.

If you are generous and your lesbian partner is a tight arse and a real bean counter then the relationship is not going to last long as you are going to feel used and taken for granted, besides you will probably be broke most of the time while they will be happy to let you pick up the bill the majority of the time.

There are more important things than liking the same music, even though that is important but it is not the only important aspect in a lesbian relationship, there are more pressing comparisons and the ability to compromise and meet in the middle is a vital ingredient when lesbian dating.

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