More chances of gaining a swinging lifestyle as a single man on

More chances of gaining a swinging lifestyle as a single man on

Understanding of the swinging lifestyle, gives you an idea about and the mindset of swingers and will give you an advantage when you are a single man and seeking to join a swingers couple or party.

The swinger’s lifestyle isn’t just one big sexual free for all. There are rules to swinging and these can be written and displayed at the group or party and even on the swingers profile.

One of the obvious and most important is that `No means No!’  When it comes to sex we all know that if it isn’t consensual then it’s rape. Unfortunately, at a swinging group or party the amount of testosterone and sexual energy could lead to aggression or even just misunderstandings that come with consequences. A swingers group or party is not a free sex orgy. Just because there is a group of swingers having sex at one of these parties does not give just anyone the right to join in. It may seem odd to think that anyone who is engaging in practically an orgy would have limits and boundaries, but they do.

There could be ten hands on one woman at a swinger’s party, but that still doesn’t mean that you are allowed to touch her just because everyone else is. This is a very important rule if you are new to swinging and want to be accepted into the swinging group.

Practice Safe Sex is a must so be prepared to come with many condoms as new ones have to be used with each sexual encounter.

When your time to play does come you need to show that you are a responsible and trustworthy person who respects his body as well as the bodies of others by being prepared. Have condoms on hand. You should bring more than one condom with you when you swing.

Other swingers may not wear condoms when they are playing with others who they have a trust and understanding with but as a new swinger and new to the group you will need to have numerous condoms.

Another rule  is good hygiene besides being clean in the sense of STIs and safe sex, you need to shower and practice good hygiene before going to a swinger’s party and smelling good will work in your favour. Cleanliness is definitely important if you are looking for sexual intimacy and cleaning your teeth and making sure that your breath is fresh.

If you are planning on putting your prick near another swinger then you need to have had a shower and be clean and fresh smelling.

Swinger’s clubs will not allow anyone to stay who appears to be drunk or wasted, to be taken  seriously by other swingers you need to be clean sober and respectful. Being drunk will not make you a better lover.


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