New to dogging? Here’s some advice for new doggers on

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New to dogging? Here’s some advice for new doggers on

Unlike an arranged adult party or a swingers evening at a friend’s or a companions private residence, you don’t need an invite to go senior dogging.

However there are a few essential items to take along and some considerations if you want your dogging experience to be a success. So let discuss the dogging basics.

If you are into the kink of dogging you will no doubt love the informal freedom that senior dogging gives you. On the surface it seems that this kinky sexy dogging hook up dating is a very care free and a very informal activity. However there are dogging basics which involve a few do’s and don’ts that we call basic dogging etiquette.

If you follow these rules then you will feel comfortable and you will not cause any upsets and you won’t cross any line and behave out of order.

Dogging is obviously a night time activity, enjoyed just after dark as a lot of the locations are family areas in the day. So when you contact senior doggers on seniordoggingonline, you will always be arranging a specific location and it will be a night time adventure. Always check the various locations so that you remain safe and you won’t get into trouble with the law and other members of the public.

Always prepare yourself before going on your dogging date by being hygienic and taking so essential items, like wet wipes, deodorant, tissues, mouth wash, plenty of lube, disposable gloves, condoms, a blanket and warm clothing.

Also don’t forget to get the directions to the dogging location, so that you don’t get lost and miss out on the dogging action, because doggers don’t wait long as there is usually other doggers interested in the action.

Dressing appropriately to keep easy access in mind, such as if you a female dogger, a skirt with no underwear and a top with a zip so that you can expose the important bits easily with the least fuss.

As soon as you arrive at a dogging location you need to give a good indication to other couples or single doggers if you want to join the play or if you are wanting to watch, them in action. Respect is important and you also need to respect the privacy of other adults and look for their signs before you take any action or start watching the sex play.

Flashing headlights or leaving the inside light on a car is a good indication that voyagers are welcome. Even better is a rolled down window or open car door inviting everyone to get closer and maybe even experience some of the dogging action.

Personal safety is a very important dogging basic. Put your personal belongings like your wallet and cell phone away in the glove box; don’t just leave it lying around on the car seat. When you are caught up in the action it is easy to lose track of things and always use fresh condoms so take a good supply. If sex toys are shared then put condoms on them too

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