No strings attachments on

No strings attachments on  

When someone says they are not ready for a relationship, is it you or is it them? What is really going on ?

Most of us have got a secret thrill when we have received a message from a new love interest when we are dating online with

I have a distinct memory of this one summer’s day three years ago. I was on a romantic walk with a single dater. He was certainly a relationship prospect however I wanted to keep it casual. As we walked, I got a text from a dater that I had been having a casual fling with and I immediately felt a thrill and couldn’t stop myself from breaking into a smile. There is a definite appeal to no strings dating.

When you are casual dating and looking for a hook up online dating can give you an instant matching criteria.

For the best part of a decade I was a serial dater looking for fun dating just because I did not want to be in a relationship and have that feeling of being at someone’s beck and call and having to consider anyone but myself.

I wanted romance and passion and the fun of sex but a regular partner, no thank you

When you are a casual dater it is a form of entertainment rather than the work involved in trying to keep someone else happy and contented.

If you have been in previous relationships that have been abusive or demanding then the idea of not being in a relationship and having the freedom to do as you please is very appealing.

My online dating experience of no strings hook ups provides me with the best of both world, the freedom to choose sex when I want it and the freedom to walk away when I am ready to leave. I am at no-one’s beck and call and I can go home when I want.

However over time, the thrill of meeting strangers for hook ups may fade.

If you have a  longing for something deeper then can offer both.

You can open yourself up to the ideal of a real longer term relationship. We all change and with that our lifestyle can take on a different appeal. You could be open to falling in love and you could meet a dater who is excited to see you and not just because of the prospect of a few hours of sex.

It was only when I became content with my lifestyle, values and friendships that I felt open to a relationship.

Casual sex and no strings relationships have their purpose but I believe we all ultimately look for security and continuity in our relationships, just make sure your next date is in the same place as you.

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